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Vlad Dracula Tarot (78 Full-Color Cards and 144-Page Book)

Vlad Dracula Tarot (78 Full-Color Cards and 144-Page Book)

An exquisite gothic-style tarot based on the life of Dracula.Vlad Dracula Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck and booklet based on the life of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous medieval ruler of Romania who inspired Bram Stoker’s legendary vampire.Seventy-eight original woodcuts masterfully drawn by Nikita Vuimin depict scenes of cruelty and cunning, from instructions provided by Travis McHenry, author of Occult Tarot and Angel Tarot and one of the foremost occultists of the modern era. Each image portrays an episode in Dracula’s life and is perfectly paired with a tarot card that reveals its astrological and occult meaning. This combination of design and esoteric knowledge results in a historically accurate deck that can be used as a divination tool or simply cherished as a macabre work of art.
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