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Rock On

Rock On

Rock On: The Crystal Healing Handbook for Spiritual Rebels Hardcover, Full Color Photography Throughout by Kate Mantello Rock On is the crystal healing book for spiritual seekers who love to bend the rules and walk their own path. Whether you are an energy healer, a crystal lover, or simply a spiritual rebel with an open mind and an open heart, Rock On will teach you how to easily overcome life’s everyday hurdles and heal yourself and those around you using the power of crystals. Covering all aspects of crystal healing, from the scientific to the esoteric, and featuring 40 detailed crystal body layouts, this book is the definitive reference guide for those wanting to learn more about the hands-on side of crystal healing from a master crystal healer with a fresh and unique perspective. Mantello brings the crystal healing experience directly to you, offering a hands-on, practical approach that works for beginners and experts alike.
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